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Looking forward to see what independent analyses you come up with. Naturally, correlation is not causation. I feel there must be a novel way to use VAERS to come up with something solid. I did have one idea, but I don't think it is that useful:

1) Look at all AE death reports that DO NOT have vaccination listed on it.

2) Plot them against time

3) See if spikes correlate with vaccine rollout

The logic behind that would be that if the report does not list vaccines, then the clinician had no suspicion of it, and therefore there are no reporting biases relating to vaccination. If spikes are observed, then no one could say "oh they just reported that vaccine-associated death because they had to".

I am not sure how much more useful this is than just looking at an all-cause mortality curve and correlating with vaccine rollout, which has not seemed to be particularly helpful in picking up the signal.

Does that make sense to you?

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Amazing work as always. Thank you

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If FDA was serious, they would be sampling, and following the people chosen for years... autopsies etc. Not wait for distraught parents to call in , maybe.

And certainly not to report to criminals at Pfizer. WTF

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