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Jan 13, 2022Liked by Jason Morphett PhD

Great article and love the detailed analysis that’s much needed. “Died suddenly” and “coincidence” seem to go hand in hand these days. We know of 2 people over Christmas as far as we knew otherwise healthy, 40 and 45, sudden fatal heart attacks. Both male, both with wife and kids. Can’t yet say for certain the common denominator but since we live in one of the most injected nations it’s more likely than not to be more evidence of democide.

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VAERS does not work like this. You are endangering lives with your ignorance.

For starters, your second chart should show you the problem with your data. Why is the median time to death 22 days? Because it is an adverse vaccine reporting website. Doctors are almost never going to submit a VAERS report if you die 200 days after your second dose, but they are going to submit one (as is often required) if you die within weeks, even if they think it is unrelated. The data is inherently skewed in that direction, but it gives you an incorrect impression that the deaths are caused, rather than simply reported.

That said, I'd like to add to your list of Real stories, Real people:

42 year old male, transformed 1 day after measles vaccine

"After receiving a mandatory measles vaccine, subject underwent gross transformation. Skin became dark green, muscle mass expanded and body reacted poorly to emotional distress. Particularly anger."

This is a summary of an actual VAERS report, because it was (and indeed still is) possible to submit a report to VAERS saying that a vaccine caused you to become the incredible hulk.

This is why you don't use unreviewed VAERS data to scare monger about vaccines.

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GREAT analysis. PLEASE keep them coming.

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>I am ‘pro-choice’ and do not consider myself an ‘anti-vaxxer’ (despite the recent redefinition).

"I'm not an antivaxxer" sure is a thing antivaxxers say.

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