May 11, 2022Liked by Jason Morphett PhD

I posted this today on Jessica's Substack as well:

This is amazing work.

Thank you to for your outstanding work on howbad.info and howbadismybatch.com

This is the one real tool and set of organized information that has worked for me to get through to people that something isn't right. I actually watched the color on a Ph.D. trained friend's face drain when I gave her this tool, when nothing else seemed to sink in. Batch number correlates well at the person level in my experience when I can tell someone which shot gave them more side effects.

I see posts on Twitter discounting the batch variation as mere variation in mRNA dosage as if that is acceptable.

So how are people joining in the Team Enigma projects? I wrote to Paardekooper long ago but got no answer.

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